Who are we?
A boutique graphic design studio, based in Australia. Since 2008, we – Richard Stevens and Tracey Cove – had been working independently as globe-trotting freelancers, creating brands for organisations such as Marks & Spencer, Diageo and Barclays (Tracey) and presentations for Leffe, Nivea and HSBC (Richard). 
2020 saw us working side-by-side at our kitchen table, in Shepherds Bush, London. It was there that we honed our unique combination of skills, and then collaborated on some pretty great projects for companies such as TikTok, Gumtree and Microsoft.

Where are we?
With a client base predominantly in the United Kingdom and Australia. We have one foot in sunny Brisbane, Australia and the other soggy foot in London, UK. But our roots are currently planted by the beach in Brighton (the Brisbane one).

How do we work?
We prefer a small project list, achieved by working to comfortable capacity, rather than farming work out. The Directors that you are meeting are the people actually working on your project. All of our energy is channeled into small sets of projects, which means we are always fully available to you.

Who do we work with?
We have been fortunate to work with esteemed ASX companies, government departments, non-profits and start-ups. Below are some of the organisations for whom we have produced work.
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