The Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) is an independent statutory authority, established to promote competition as the basis for enhancing efficiency and growth in the Queensland economy. Their role was expanded, requiring them to heighten their public profile across the state. A brand 'evolution' was part of an overall strategy to improve communication and engagement with the wider community.
Our solution was to free up the logotype from its boxed confines, better reflecting QCA's position as an independent organisation and introduce a friendlier, more welcoming font. A clean, crisp colour palette is in keeping with a transparent and trustworthy organisation.
We created a range of printed collateral as well as a series of infographics for distribution to the media. News outlets nation-wide picked up and used our infographics to help break down electricity costs for the wider community.
What we did: Brand identity, look and feel, collateral, photographic art direction and website design.



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